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Altamira Therapeutics

RNA therapeutics for extrahepatic targets

We are developing our OligoPhore™ and SemaPhore™ platforms for oligonucleotide and mRNA delivery with two strategic aims: 1) to develop proprietary drug products, and 2) to leverage the platforms through collaboration with partners in well-defined additional therapeutic areas. For our proprietary development program, we are initially focusing on OligoPhore™ siRNA targeting the KRAS gene in oncology applications. Our in vitro and in vivo data have demonstrated specific uptake by cancer cells, effective reduction in KRAS expression and significant inhibition of tumor growth.

Altamira Medica

Medical devices for protection against airborne allergens and viruses

Triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have developed Bentrio™ (AM-301), a nasal spray to help protect against airborne viruses, allergens and potentially other harmful particles which are inhaled through the nose. In human nasal epithelium cells infected by SARS-CoV-2, Bentrio™ was shown to reduce the infectious viral load by more than 99% when used for prevention. Clinical testing of the nasal spray has demonstrated its utility also in case of allergic rhinitis. Further studies to expand our knowledge about the utility of Bentrio™ for risk mitigation and self-protection are ongoing or planned.

Auris Medical

Therapeutics for inner ear disorders

Under project code AM-125, we are developing betahistine for intranasal treatment of vertigo. Application of betahistine via the nose results in higher bioavailability compared to oral administration. The project is currently in Phase 2 of clinical development. Further, we have developed Keyzilen® (AM-101) for the treatment of acute inner ear tinnitus, and Sonsuvi® (AM-111) for the treatment of acute inner ear hearing loss. Both programs are in Phase 3 of clinical development and have been designated for partnering to move to the next studies.

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