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Protection against airborne
viruses and allergens

Airborne challenges

About 90% of the air that you inhale enters the body through your nose, which makes it the main gate to your respiratory system. Apart from regulating the temperature and humidifying the air that you breathe before it enters the lungs, your nose has also the key function of cleaning it. There is a lot of undesired particle matter that you want to keep out: dust, animal dander, bacteria, viruses, fungi.

Fortunately, your nose is equipped with some powerful defense mechanisms ranging from anatomical features, the nasal mucosa, and mucus release down to the sneezing reflex. The mucosa acts as a protective barrier against particles; it secrets mucus which traps particles. Thanks to the movement of tiny hairs, so-called cilia, the mucus including particles is cleared from the nasal cavities into the throat and eliminated via the digestive tract. 

The mucosa’s protective function may be compromised by injury, nasal dryness, or irritation. Also, it may be overwhelmed by the quantity or pathogenicity of inhaled particles. If your body is allergic to particles such as pollen, and these particles are abundant to a point that mucus clearance is not enough, you may experience some allergic reaction and suffer from allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Or you may catch a viral infection such as influenza, or Covid-19.

How Bentrio™ works

Bentrio™ is a nasal spray intended for self-protection against risks from exposure to airborne viruses and allergens. It is designed to reduce the risk of upper respiratory infections and promote alleviation of allergic symptoms through a triple protective effect:
  • By applying a thin protective layer on the nasal mucosa, a physical barrier is established that prevents inhaled particles from contacting the nasal epithelium
  • By trapping inhaled particles through electrostatic effects which are then cleared naturally with mucus from the nasal cavities into the throat and eliminated via the digestive tract
  • By humidifying the nasal mucosa and thus aiding its functionality

Physical rather than drug effects

Bentrio™ is drug free. It has no pharmacological, metabolic or immunologic activity; its effects are of purely physical nature. This is why it generally considered a medical device.

Importantly, Bentrio™ does not contain any preservatives, either. Commonly used preservatives in nasal sprays are well known to harm mucosal membranes and may provoke a stinging or burning sensation. We are using a special preservative free nasal spray pump and employing a specific manufacturing process to ensure that the product is safe for use.

Extended protection

Even the best nasal spray is not of much help if it gets cleared rapidly from the nose and needs to be reapplied frequently. Bentrio™ is formulated in a gel emulsion that allows the spray to remain within the nasal cavity longer than normal liquid-based sprays, providing protection for at least three hours. The gel emulsion needs to be briefly shaken prior to use, making it liquid and suitable for spray. Once it is applied into the nose, the liquid turns into a gel again. This effect is called “thixotropy”.


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